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What is Custom ROM ? Advantages/Disadvantages – How to install them


Custom roms have turned out to make a more better experience for device users. Diving into the expansion of this post, we would be looking out for: What are custom roms, What advantages they give over the stock rom, What disadvantages they give, How to get one of ’em on your device, and a bit more on just custom roms!

So, beginning with,

What are custom roms?

For those, who don’t know what even a rom is, ROM is the operating system of mobile devices in general, specifically android.

And, what are custom roms? They’re modified roms to make the user-experience better and interesting! Custom roms replace the stock rom by the means of flashing.

Advantages of Custom ROM

The main motive of custom roms is to make the user experience better for the users, what that means is they give you the choice of making it however you wish!

What Advantages do custom ROM give over stock ROM?:

  1. Speed: Many around the globe believe this to be a made-up advantage, but, flashing your device with a well made custom rom changes the game. It brings out the true potential of the device(which in stock is capped by the manufacturers).
  2. Updates: Upgrading your device with a custom rom makes it more update friendly. While many manufacturers decide to leave a device behind, custom roms come to help! They provide the latest updates for the devices(exceptions are still there, get a new device!)
  3. Customization: What the stock rom doesn’t provide is customization to the fullest! It narrows it down to just some layouts and minor changes. But, with custom roms, you rule the yard! From changing an app icon, to booting the device with your own name, it all comes to life with custom roms.
  4. Root access: As far as customization is concerned, root access plays the lock to the vault. Somehow, the manufacturers have still succeeded in keeping the device limited, yet with root access, you can modify almost everything.

Disadvantages of Custom ROM

Looking at the disadvantages, they’re less compared to the advantages, which makes custom roms superior to stock roms!

What disadvantages they give over the stock rom?

  1. Warranty: Installing custom rom on a device expires its warranty, as installing and playing with the terms, it’s a violation. But, looking at the advantages, who cares for the warranty? Another flash, and your device is good as new.
  2. Time-consuming: If everything goes with the flow, it’s a hassle-free job, but with a little bit of time, might take around 1 hr or so to setup the device perfectly.

How to install Custom ROM on your device?

Getting a custom rom for yourself is quite easy, all you would need to do is, put in your device name and the android version you did like on google. For example, Nexus 6, for this device simply head over to google, and write up “Nexus 6 custom rom android 7”, or something like that works out easily. Preferred source is XDA.

Final thoughts: 

Custom roms are great, if you’d like to get a new experience of your device, as the stock roms are way too old these days. Sure as hell, you want to flash one on your device, yet, keep in mind to do it correctly.


Updated: 12/02/2017 — 10:36 pm

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