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How to Uninstall Xposed Framework from Marshmallow Devices

Xposed framework uninstall guide for marshmallow or Android 6.0 is here. Sometime you got some bug in your device or find any issue due to xposed framework so you need to uninstall xposed framework. So follow the simple steps to uninstall the Xposed framework.

Xposed framework lollipop 5.1 

Xposed framework Marshmallow 

No one can deny if Xposed Framework is an amazing stuff in the Android development.Most Android users mainly root their devices only to install Xposed Framework. Now we can modify the system and apps without altering the original apk.So using Xposed you can add some tweaks to your Stock ROM or firmware and get the features of a custom ROM and all this can be achieved just by rooting and installing Xposed Framework. There are numerous features and modules available in Xposed that make it a powerful tool not only for users but also for developers. Formerly, to complete minor mods like hiding carrier label on the status bar, we had to modify a specific system apps, sometimes we also have to flash these mods via recovery, it is quite difficult since not all devices have it.

Xposed Framework on needs to be installed manually through a Custom Recovery unlike in Jelly Bean and Kitkat where the Xposed installer apk file would install the framework on your system automatically.

Installing Xposed framework is quite easy to do, if our device is still running Android Jelly Bean or KitKat, you only need to install the Installer apk. But for Android Marshmallow, we have to install it via a custom recovery (TWRP or CWM) because quite many changes brought about by Marshmallow version.

However, installing Xposed and its modules could be a risk for your Android devices. If it turns out that your device is not compatible with the activated module, a bad things can happen to your device, such as bootloop, system become unresponsive and force closing apps.

If you notice any of these problems, the first thing to do is to Uninstall Xposed Framework from the system. You can directly uninstall the installer app if possible, but this only applies to Android Jelly Bean and KitKat. If we’re running Marshmallow or we could not get into the system because bootloop, then you need a flashable xposed uninstaller zip package.

The first ways is to install an update to your system if you are on any CyanogenMod based ROM. For instance, if you have Resurrection Remix ROM which is a CM 13 based ROM then flashing the same update or a newer update over the ROM using a Custom Recovery would remove Xposed Framework. However if you are on Stock ROM, then you need to flash an Xposed Uninstaller Script over your system or ROM using a Custom Recovery.

Take a note that, Xposed Uninstaller are different for different devices like arm, arm64, x86. Find the uninstaller Script for your device in the Downloads Section. Also, Uninstaller Scripts are different for Android version 5.0(SDK 21) and 5.1(SDK 22).

Downloads : For Uninstalling Xposed Framework
For Android 6 (SDK 23)

Using the uninstaller is not much different from when we install it, here’s how to Uninstall Xposed Framework Easily:
  1. Download the Xposed Framework Uninstaller Script in flashable zip package (xposed-uninstaller-***-2015*****.zip).
  2. Get the files into internal storage. If you can boot into your System the do this by using USB Cable. If you are in a boot loop then you can transfer the files by an OTG(if supported) else do this by adb sideload.
  3. Reboot into Custom Recovery
  4. Select Install and give the path for the file.
  5. Flash it
  6. wipe cache and dalvik cache
  7. Reboot.

The flashable zip Xposed uninstaller will get rid of the framework files, this also means it will disable every activated module. If indeed this is the case, then your device should be normal afterwards.

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