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Here’re the best trending apk and their apk functions


Are you looking for the best app? If yes, then you are at the right place as in this article I will give you the list of best apps for your smartphone.

An app is like an ornament for your device. Without it, our device will be of no use. An app is also developed in such a way so that it can stand to the user’s choices and requirements. People always search for the new and the advanced apps and so I am here with the best apps you are looking for.

Best Android Application which you should have:

  1. AVG: – It is one of the most trusted anti-virus apps that is developed with the most advanced anti-theft programs that not only scans for the virus but also cleans it thus protecting our device from the external malware. It automatically scans the downloaded files and frees up the RAM thus making our device run smooth and fast. The app developed by AVG Technologies Pvt. Ltd is that keep that must be installed on every device. Download Top Android Security now
  2. ANDROHELM MOBILE SECURITY: – This app mainly focuses on security features that includes real time protection from external malware. The app frequently scans the downloaded files and immediately clears it if any threat is found. It also clears the background apps that has high memory and battery consumption and thus increasing the performance of the device. Download now.
  3. AVIRA ANTIVIRUS SECURITY: – This app is new in this field and is continuously gaining its popularity in the security market. The app features device scanning, virus protection and real time security of the device. It also features one of the most advanced features like Straightfright Advisor that gives advises regarding the malicious programs. Apart from device scanning and virus protection, it includes the blocking feature that blocks a particular file or folder if any external malware is found in it.
  4. FIND MY PHONE: – Using this app one can easily locate their device if it is switched on. The app is very much useful in locating lost or stolen phones. Apple also offers this service to their users through the Find my iphone app where the registered user can easily locate their lost or stolen device. In Android same feature is included in the Android Device Manager.
  5. TASTYSPOTS: – Are you a food lover? If yes then this app would be best for you. The app allows you to explore popular and authentic food that will not only give you a great food experience but will also fill your mouth with water. It also let you know about the restuarants where the great quality of food can be easily found. In simple words this app is one of the best app that must be installed on your device. Download now.
  6. FLASH ALERT: – Imagine your phone to be in silent mode and you are unable to take your important calls. Ultimately you will be in great trouble and to provide relief from that thing here is this app that will give you some relief. This app gives you flash notification on incoming calls and messages and so even if your device is in the silent mode the app will let you know through the flash. Download flash alerts.
  7. LETTERS LOCK SCREEN: – The app ensures the security of your device with letters, signatures, patterns and the selg generated passwords. The lock screen automatically stores the letters or the patterns which you have created to lock your phone. One can also draw the patterns of their own choice through this app and thus can ensure the security of their device. The features of this app include the hiding of the letters when working with patterns, showing the app notification, allowing you to lock the screen using your name according to your own font and color adjustment and much more.
  8. SHOPCLUES: – This online shopping app let you purchase all the things at a reasonable rate. The app includes a variety of things starting from the household goods to the electronic goods, all you can buy just with a single touch of your finger. All the things such as jewelleries, perfumes, books, toys, sports products, groceries, electronic goods, health and nutrition, gifts and other miscellaneous products can be easily purchased by just sitting at home.

Rest of the applications whose links are not provided separately can be downloaded from google play store. If you have any suggestions then comment below.



Updated: 11/06/2017 — 5:24 pm

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