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Xposed Modules for Android Lollipop Device

Xposed Modules which works on android lollipop are here! Xposed framework has finally made an appearance in the land of Lollipop just a couple of days back. After a long wait, Xposed developer rovo89 has finally extended the Xposed support to the Lollipop devices and we are sure it wasn’t a simple task for the developer. However, the update is still in the alpha stage and you can expect lot of bugs. If you’ve not yet installed the Xposed framework on your Lollipop device,

Xposed framework lollipop 5.1 

Xposed framework Marshmallow 

Install Xposed Framework on Android Lollipop

Xposed framework is just the skeleton of Xposed and you’ll nothing out of it unless you install some Xposed modules to do your work. If you’re not stuck on bootloop after installing the Xposed framework, you might have already been digging for some awesome modules that works on your device. However, not all the Xposed modules are playing right along with the new framework. Some of the modules are just giving serious lag in the UI and we’ve been trying to gather the working Xposed modules on Lollipop.

After a lot of digging, testing & failing, we’ve put together some of the working Xposed modules on Lollipop. We’ve also came across a testing thread on XDA started by amit3880 where many android enthusiasts are testing various Xposed modules and posting the result. If you’re looking for some working Xposed modules for Lollipop, dig the below modules:

List of Xposed Modules that Work on Lollipop

App Settings – XDA Forum | Xposed Repo

RootCloak – XDA Forum | Xposed Repo
Advanced Power Menu – XDA Forum | Xposed Repo
XToast – XDA Forum | Xposed Repo
Xposed GEL Settings – XDA Forum | Xposed Repo
WhatsAppX – XDA Forum | Xposed Repo
XPrivacy – XDA Forum | Xposed Repo
Boot Manager – XDA Forum | Xposed Repo
XBlast Tools – XDA Forum | Xposed Repo
All Notifications Expanded – XDA Forum | Xposed Repo
XHangouts – XDA Forum | Xposed Repo

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